Research for tomorrow and do something today!

The importance of batteries in the future is underlined, among other things, by the numerous research projects dedicated to the subject. One of these is Battery 2030+. It is being driven forward in our region, namely by the Karlsruhe Institute of Nanotechnology at KIT.

The project aims to make batteries more powerful and longer-lasting. For this reason, the researchers are addressing our GVI® focus, the thermal management, among many other topics. They want to develop sensor concepts so that it is possible to act even before the battery fails. Over the next ten years, various concepts are to be developed and established.

And what happens until then?
For example, we are working on the planßeta research project, which aims to make batteries into better energy storage devices. In addition, with our multifunctional battery housing B:HOUSE® we have created a technology that is already ideally suited to meet the challenge of temperature regulation and damage prevention in battery cells. This applies in the automotive industry, and especially in electromobility, but also everywhere else where Li-ion or NaNiCL batteries are used.

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