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GVI® – The thermos flask for industry.

Automotive, energy, cryogenics, logistics or plant construction:

The new and innovative technology of GVI® enables important industries to operate successfully in the future. GVI® stands for supported vacuum insulation (in German: Gestützte Vakuum-Isolierungen). It forms the basis for efficient and multifunctional thermal management to solve various challenges in the field of cooling and heating technology. GVI® meets your temperature requirements!

Efficient energy: Save costs and protect the environment through optimal heat and cold storage for solar systems and more.

Safe e-mobility: Achieve even longer distances without waiting times or cell fires thanks to battery cooling and heating.

Health first: Store and transport medicines, blood-based products and tissue samples under the best possible conditions.


What else you should know

Our company name refers to the German name of the technology: GVI® means “Gestützte Vakuum-Isolierungen” (supported vacuum insulation). It is “supported” by filling material that is added to the vacuum.

First: the vacuum. This in turn contains fillers – usually in the form of tiny beads – that react to gases such as hydrogen and influence the insulating effect.

As GVI® housings are made to order according to customer specifications, there will always be different series of the product. We are also able to produce these in large quantities thanks to the resources of KÖNIG METALL.