GVI®: Technology that works.

GVI® technology for supported vacuum insulation is the foundation for various solutions and systems. Adapting the active principle to cryogenics, for example, even makes applications in rocket technology, in nuclear fusion reactors or in high-energy physics possible, in addition to cold chambers or storage and transport.

GVI® – supported vacuum insulation

Insulating objects requiring protection from external influences such as cold or heat without any thermal bridges while at the same time providing stability and vibration-resistance is what GVI® supported vacuum insulations does.



Depending on the design, the energy and heat storage system allows cryogenic transport and long-term storage of medical and pharmaceutical goods, as well as groceries and other goods with specific climatic requirements.


Multifunctional battery housing

GVI® multifunctional battery housings are ideal for thermal management, for example in electric vehicles. Batteries can be heated or cooled as required and are also robustly protected from external damage.