GVI®: When the right climate can save lives

Sometimes it is just a matter minutes. In many different situations, medical products and pharmaceuticals are dependent on temperatures and climatic conditions remaining constant. Climatic conditions are also often crucial for the transport, logistics and storage of food and other goods.

GVI® has the right thermal solution for every area of application!


KryoSafe® for long-term transport of tissue samples and human organs

With a larger sample chamber and modified energy storage (cold pack), the KryoSafe® concept can also be applied to cooling boxes for organ transport. Temperatures and temperature distribution in the transported goods can be maintained constant within narrow limits and over a long period of time. In addition, special climatic conditions can be created for the transport of active, living cells and organs.

KryoSafe® storage containers for blood banks

For large, stationary blood banks, KryoSafe® insulation techniques provide opportunities for completely new concepts and solutions. For example, very large storage tanks with any geometry – even flat elements – can be realised using the KryoSafe® design. They allow space-optimised storage under standard conditions, both directly in liquid nitrogen and in the vapour phase.

Investment requirements as well as running costs can often be reduced.

Cryo-cabins for the treatment of rheumatism

In physiotherapy, limbs affected by rheumatic disease or a patient’s entire body are treated with dry cold air at temperatures as low as -150°C. With GVI® systems make it possible to produce space-saving, self-supporting cabins that optimise energy consumption of the treatment process due to their excellent insulating properties.


Very often, specific temperatures and climatic conditions must also be guaranteed during the transport or short-term storage of medicines and in particular vaccines. This is no problem with KryoSafe®!

In addition, lightweight, highly efficient transport containers can also be designed applying the KryoSafe® concept, simplifying the transport of medication by the patients themselves.

Diagram of a lightweight KryoSafe® box for the storage and transport of personal medication

Use of the KryoSafe® in transport, logistics and storage

Many goods such as meat, but also adhesives, must be transported and temporarily stored at defined temperatures in order to maintain their qualities. The KryoSafe® concept offers a safe, alternative solution if no suitable cooling capacity or energy supply can be provided during transport.


  • Definable temperatures as low as -40°C
  • Constant temperatures maintained over a long period
  • Air- and liquid-tight
  • Lightweight design possible