If it has to stay cold, KryoSafe® helps!

Supported vacuum insulation was mainly used at higher temperatures until the end of the 20th century. However, they also achieve comparably good insulation when things need to stay really cold.

KryoSafe® provides the evidence.

KryoSafe® – the thermal safe

The transport of laboratory samples, pharmaceuticals and other temperature-sensitive goods, requires containers that enable shipment at specific temperatures and under defined climatic conditions. Temperatures of -40°C may even have to be guaranteed for worldwide shipment with all potential interruptions.

Nowadays, cryogenic samples are usually shipped with dry ice or liquid nitrogen as coolant. The transport containers are usually made of polystyrene – only rarely do they have high-quality insulation. Both variants release large quantities of harmful gases (CO2 or N2) – and even the insulation containers often fail to meet requirements.

KryoSafe® offers a genuine alternative in the form of supported vacuum insulation. The closed latent heat storage tanks are encased in insulation that cools what has to be kept cooled for a long period. All components are hermetically sealed, thus eliminating environmental damage or any negative effects on the goods.

Due to the overall construction of several nested, stable stainless steel containers, even contaminated or otherwise samples and substances that may be harmful to the environment or human health can be transported safely.

Construction types

We have been conducting independent research and development in this field since the beginning of the 1980s. We support successful applications with further development, prototype production and adapted engineering in the cryogenic as well as in the high-temperature range.

In general, the KryoSafe® is made of thin-walled metal and then welded vacuum-tight. The overall structure consisting of several nested, stable stainless steel containers and a triple-walled metal vessel makes it possible to transport dangerous or contaminated samples extremely safely.

Thanks to the mechanically stable and integrated construction of KryoSafe®, coolants such as aromatics or alcohols cannot enter the insulating shell, the transported goods or the surroundings during transport.

It is also possible to manufacture the transport container entirely from vacuum-compatible plastics and thus also offer large, weight-optimised units.

KyroSafe® areas of application for the:

  • Insulated containers for catering sector and laboratories
  • Climatic chambers
  • Vacuum-insulated, large-diameter pipes for LNG transport
  • Tanks and storage for cryogenic applications
  • Housings for superconducting applications
  • Lightweight and highly efficient containers for medical and pharmaceutical logistics


GVI® structures provide highly efficient insulation with outstanding strength and pressure resistance. Supporting elements, as used in multi-layer insulation, can therefore be avoided with GVI®.

Due to the microporous structure in the insulating gap, GVI® structures only have to be evacuated to residual gas pressures of about 0.1 mbar. This makes it possible to achieve long lifespans and cost-effective solutions. With KryoSafe®, GVI® offers almost unlimited design possibilities for the solution of a wide variety of cryo-technical tasks.

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