Ideal thermal management thanks to GVI®

GVI® is a young company in its own right: the technology has been continuously driven forward for more than 20 years.

Dr Jobst H. Kerspe, a graduate engineer in materials science and forming technology, founded the consulting company TEB – Technologie, Entwicklung und Beratung in 1985, where he focused primarily on highly efficient and technically demanding thermal insulation, process and production engineering as well as materials testing. This resulted in the development of GVI® technology for supported vacuum insulation. Finally, in 2013, a partnership was established with KÖNIG METALL GmbH & Co. KG, which a few years later became the independent GVI® specialist division.

At their own location, in their own production facilities, the employees work hand in hand to make GVI® the supplier of the technology of the future through continuous further development and constant growth.

TEB – Technologie, Entwicklung & Beratung

Schubertstraße 23
69256 Mauer (b. Heidelberg)

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E-Mail: kerspe[at]


Josef-König-Straße 1
Postfach 1360
76571 Gaggenau

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E-Mail: zentrale[at]